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Adopting A Plant-Based Diet As A Family

Adopting A Plant-Based Diet As A Family

Usually, it’s always one person in the family who reads some book or article about the dangers of eating meat or the cruelty that animals face in meat production, which makes them reconsider their diet choices.
They either want to become healthier or be kind to animals or both.
Their new goal is to clean up their diet, eat more vegetables, reduce or even eliminate their consumption of meat and live a better life.
It all sounds good until you decide to rope in the rest of your family members.
Very often, you’ll realize that they do not share your enthusiasm and would rather carry on with their old ways.
This is normal and to be expected.
People are creatures of habit and fear change...
If you wish to encourage the rest of your family members to join you on the plant-based diet, there are a few points that could help you immensely.

Communication is key

It’s crucial that you share what you know with your family members.
You could do this during dinner time and just remember to keep it casual.
Your goal should be to raise awareness, but not indoctrinate.
People like to buy, but they don’t like being sold to.
So, just tell them why you’re making the switch.
You are a living example of the diet and you must walk the talk.
Once you start losing weight and getting healthier, everyone will start taking notice of your results and be more eager to join in.
It all starts with you telling them why you’re doing what you’re doing.


For starters, you can cook more vegetables and try to make the dishes as tasty as possible.
Then encourage each family member to take 2 servings of the vegetables instead of one.
Another way will be to ask them to try eating all their vegetables first before starting on the rest of their food.
They’ll be hungrier and wolf down the vegetables to get to the ‘fun’ part of the meal.
Over time, it’ll become a habit.
Then you may incorporate days where the entire dinner is a plant-based meal and so on.
Proceed slowly.

Breaking traditions: Do you need to?

On days like Thanksgiving and Christmas, do you go with plant-based meals or do you stick with tradition?
This is a very tricky question to answer.
Since it’s the holidays and there’s the festive spirit, it’s best to get everyone’s opinion first.
Consensus is key...
If everyone is willing to have a plant-based Thanksgiving dinner, that will be great and no one will need to carve a turkey.
However, if a few of the members prefer meat, it’s best to go with tradition and serve a turkey while you also prepare enough vegetables for those who wish to have vegetarian meals.
The plant-based diet allows for flexibility and even those who are on it may choose to have a cheat day on special occasions.
There’s no need to deprive and torture yourself during the holidays.

Get the kids involved

Kids can be encouraged to eat their vegetables by getting them to help out during the cooking.
They’ll be much more likely to want to eat what they’ve cooked.
Another way to get them excited about their veggies is to give them the vegetables they love.
If they like carrots and okra, don’t force them to eat spinach.
Give them what they want so that they develop a love for the veggies.

Is your partner amenable to the new lifestyle?

Sometimes your spouse may be irritated at the new dietary changes you’re making.
Let them know that they’re free to eat as they please.
Even if you go out, your partner may choose the meaty dishes while you stick to your plants.
Encourage them every now and then to dedicate an entire meal to a plant-based diet.
Show them that it’s not as bad as they picture it to be.
Once they realize that vegetarian meals can be tasty too, they’ll be much more likely to join you.
Problems only arise when one partner forces the other to go along with them.
Your job is to change your lifestyle and become such a shining beacon of good health that others want to model you.
Who you are must speak so loudly that they can’t hear what you’re saying.
Once you can do that, you can rest assured that many others will want to join you on the plant-based diet.
Thats it for this topic.
We have much more to come, please subscribe, share, and "comment" your questions, concerns or experiences with developing a plan-based diet.
Let us know in the comments below what has been your experience with getting the family involved with your dieting efforts.