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Dr. Sebi Approved Food List Vol. 3

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Well, real food isn’t, the food that society shoves at us isn’t food. McDonald's, KFC, Taco-bell, canned chili, soups, GMO fruits & veggies.

It’s destroying us...

Did you know your skin, liver, gallbladder, lymph glands, kidneys, and colon are the primary affected areas?

Sickness and disease are preventable and most importantly, reversible, Your health is your wealth and only you can make a difference.

Dr. Sebi knew he had to make a change...

This book shows exactly how Dr. Sebi went about this change.

Use this guide, take it with you to the grocery store, keep it in your kitchen.

This book is an excellent way to get started on this journey of plant-based dieting as well as developing an alkaline lifestyle.

  • The Legacy Of Dr. Sebi
  • 10 Benefits Of Sea Moss
  • How To Make Sea Moss Gel
  • Discover The Top 4 Myths About Plant-based Dieting!
  • 6 Awesome Food Shopping Tips
  • 9 Approved Food Categories

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