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Hello, I am here with the all natural and time tested herbal reversal remedy that will help get you back to normal. My grandfather Dr. Sebi has passed this information on and this would be considered by him to be a very simple process. Have no fear, the herbs are the healing of the nation. This is a fact and many many many people attest to this. 

fresh after order. Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping.

Order take 3 to 4 weeks to fill because we harvest all the herbs fresh from the jungles in Honduras. Once all the herbs have been collected it is shipped to us in the states and we then send it to the Customer. 

These herbs detox the body by flushing out Toxin and impurities in the body that have cause the 

Dis-ease and cell Mutations. This happened by Feeding the cell oxygen rich highly alkaline herbs that feed concentrated oxygen to the cells to clean them out. 

All packages are 90 day treatments 

PACKAGE COMES WITH DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS and E Book of daily meal requirement.




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